Watch Patch
Wearable Torso Posture Monitoring

We Watch Your Back

Watch Patch is a wearable  array of RFID tags, that constantly monitor your torso posture to make sure you keep your body in a healthy ergonomic condition. You can have a live feed on your

 mobile device, on the cloud, or on your therapist database! If your body stays in bad mode for a long time, it will notify you on your phone, browser or notification center.

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Bring Healthy Lifestyle Back to Your Work


Chronic pains are among the top five syndromes for the people with office lifestyle. WatchPatch will constantly watch your posture and remind you to keep your back away from risky postures.


Employees with back pain proved to be less productive than their colleagues,  less engaged with outdoor activities and face more problems at home. Let WatchPatch help you change this story.


Spread your new attitude among friends, colleagues and your practitioner. Stand bold among your social circle.


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