Ardavan Bidgoli


Architect / Computational Designer

Carnegie Mellon University

School of Architecture

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May'20               School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

                           Ph.D. Candidate in Computational Design, Prof. Daniel Cardoso Llach.

                           Thesis Topic: On Design and Making in VR/AR Robotic Platforms


Aug'15                School of Art and Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.

                           M.Arch. II, P.P.T.A. in Design Computing (GPA: 3.91/4), Prof. Daniel Cardoso Llach.

                           Thesis Topic: Motion Grammar for Robotic Fabrication


Sep'12                 School of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

                           Master of Architecture (GPA: 18.51/20)


Feb'09                School of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

                           Bachelor of Architecture (GPA: 18.49/20)




Work Experience:


May - Aug'16     Autodesk Applied Research Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA.

                           Office of chief technology officer (OCTO), at Pier 9 Facilities.

                           Designer at Project MeshBot, Collaborative Automated Robotic Fabrication Platform.

                           Developing Real-time Robotic Workflow Monitoring in AR and VR

                           Developing plugins for Dynamo, Autodesk’s Visual Programming Platform.

                           Design and Fabrication (3D print, Waterjet, CNC) for Robotic End-effectors.

                           Developing Electronic Systems for Robotic End-effectors.


May - Aug'15     Bentley Systems, Exton, PA, USA.

                           BSW, Generative Component (GC) Team, Intern

                           Product Manager.

                           Developing New Geometrical Functionalities for GC.

                           Designing the new User Interface for GC.


2012-2013          K.D.G. Design Group, Tehran, Iran.

                           Lead Architectural Designer. (Full-Time)


2012                   Rena Design Group, Tehran, Iran.

                           Lead Architectural Designer and Member of Research Department.


2011-2012           Zeta Design Group, Tehran, Iran.

                           Lead Designer and Head of Studio. (Full-Time)


2011                   Next Office, Tehran, Iran.

                           Junior Designer. (Full-Time)



Research Experience:


Aug'16-              Robot Plaster Throwing Research, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

                           Developing computer vision system (hardware and software) for stereo camera 3d scanning.

                           Robotic motion planning for plastering complex surfaces. With Josh Bard, CMU dFab.


Jan'16 - Aug'16  CIC Research Team, University Park, PA.

                           Computer Integrated Construction Research Program, School of Architectural Engineering, IconLab,


Aug'15 - Aug'16 Robotic Real-time Virtual Rapid Prototyping, University Park, PA.

                           In progress research for real-time robotic prototyping using virtual reality and visual computation,


Jul'14 – Aug'16   SALA Robotic Fabrication Lab Initiative Team, University Park, PA.

                           Member of Initiative Team, R.A, with Prof. Daniel Cardoso Llach and Jamie Heiman,


Aug'14 - Aug'15 Studies on Robotic Hot Wire Cutting

                           Research project, in collaboration with SALA Fabrication Lab



Teaching Experience:


Fall'16                 Inquiry into Computation, Architecture, and Design, as TA, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.


Spring'16            Robotic Fabrication Workshop, Penn State, University Park, PA.


Fall'14 –Spr'15     Inquiry into Design Computation, as TA, Penn State, University Park, PA.





Mar'17                 Assisted Automation: Three Learning Experiences in Architectural Robotics

                           International Journal of Architectural Computing, with Daniel Cardoso Llach and Shokofeh Darbari.


Oct'16                 Of Hands and Robots: ‘Assisted Automation’ and ‘Robotic Enactments’ in Creative Robotics Pedagogy”

                           FABLEARN 2016: 6th Annual Conference on Creativity and Making in Education (ACM SIGCHI),

                           with Daniel Cardoso Llach and Shokofeh Darbari, Stanford, CA, U.S.A.


May'16                Robotic Motion Grammar

                           Published in the Proceedings of the SimAUD, UCL, London, U.K.


May'15                Towards a Motion Grammar for Robotic Stereotomy

                           Published in the Proceedings of CAADRIA 2015, May 2015, with Daniel Cardoso Llach.





Dec'16                Best Project Prize, 15-112 Project Review, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


Nov'16                3rd Grand Prize and Best Use of API Prize, 112 Hackathon, Carnegie Mellon University


Aug'15- Aug'16   SCDC Student Research Grant for PhD studies


Aug'15 & Jan'16  Robert Graham Endow Grad Fellowship


May'15                Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) King Student Medal


Feb'15                 Stuckeman School Graduate student travel Grant


Jan'13- Aug'15    Full Tuition Waiver and Stipend for Masters’ program





Programming:                C#, Python,


Packages:                       TensorFlow, OpenCV


Scripting:                        Processing, Arduino


VR/AR:                            Unity (Vive and Hololens)


Graphics & Media:          Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier


Parametric Modeling:     Grasshopper, Dynamo, Generative Component


CAD & BIM:                     Rhino, 3Dsmax, AutoCAD


CAM &  Robotics:           RobotStudio, ABB RAPID, FANUC KAREL,


Hands-on Skills:             3D printing, Water Jet, MIG Welding,





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